From a vision to implementation. Everything from a single source.

To put it simply, ropeways can today be divided into two groups: firstly into modular and industrially produced continuously circulating ropeways, and secondly into individually designed and manufactured reversible aerial ropeways, funiculars and special ropeways where standardisation is almost impossible. Back in the 1990s, when Steurer was still a full-range supplier, the company made a fundamental decision in favour of the second group and since then has concentrated all its activities on these products.

This clear and highly focused specialisation has today put Steurer in a position where it can offer creative and unmistakable solutions for virtually every imaginable application and requirement in the field of reversible ropeways and funiculars. In doing so, Steurer not only operates at the cutting edge of technology, but also often sets the standards itself.

Within the concentrated portfolio, the range of services has been expanded over and above the direct con­struction of ropeways to encompass other associated fields of activity. These include contemporary main contractor services and overall project management as well as purely consulting and engineering activities for preliminary studies and status reports, for example.

Steurer customers are therefore able to call upon a range of services covering every single phase of a construction project as well as the entire lifecycle of a ropeway system.

Services from a single source:

  • Consulting & personal assistance
  • Technical studies and analyses
  • Customised engineering
  • Safety and legal checks
  • Accurate design and production
  • Skilled maintenance and service
  • Professional and timely implementation