Retrofitting & modernisation: components matching all requirements

The service life of ropeways is exceptionally high, at least 50 years in the case of reversible ropeways. Significant modifications are often made to such ropeways during and even after this time. The reasons for this can be a change in the legal or safety regulations, or simply the desire for more capacity and/or modern comfort.

With a clear focus on reversible ropeways, besides that, regardless of the ropeway system and manufacturer, Steurer has established itself as a specialist in the full and partial modification and inspection of all types of ropeway. We provide suitable assemblies, components and tools for all original makes in addition to the necessary consulting and engineering services.

Ropeway components:

  • Ropeway drives
  • Carrier trucks & hangers
  • Brake systems
  • Cable pulleys and rollers
  • Station and track equipment
  • Cable winches
  • Clamps & rigging tools