Beyond ropeways: just as reliable, individual and efficient

Customers from outside of the ropeway branch regularly come to Steurer with highly specific machine requirements. This results in innovative solutions which are often unique in the way they work, their reliability and efficiency. The initial performance requirements have largely in common that no suitable products are yet available on the market. However, some of the vital technical requirements are very similar to those in ropeway engineering:

  • Highly individual utilisation
  • Complex mechanics and movements
  • Special load demands
  • Safe and smooth operation
  • Maximum availability

Machine and system engineering:

Although the special machines from Steurer are not in fact ropeways, they often have the same “genes”. Movement is the ultimate purpose, rope is a versatile drive agent, and ropeway technology is a guarantee of precision and reliability. In many cases, the technical components of a ropeway system prove ideally suited for other applications, both in the way they operate and from a cost point of view. This is confirmed by customers who are sometimes very surprised by the specific technical (ropeway) approach, but are then equally impressed by the solution.  

Steurer not only supplies obvious “next door” branches, such as the transport and conveyor industry, but also completely different sectors on a regular basis.

Stepping out of line, stage machinery sometimes gives the ropeway engineer cause for slight regret: No stage production lasts for ever and so, in complete contrast to ropeways, these products are often taken out of operation long before the end of their technical service life …