About us

Our daily activities are based on an increased awareness of our corporate identity, which becomes a guiding principle for us and which our business partners have the right to expect. We therefore feel indebted to our long-time owner, the late Johann Steurer, who always put his responsibility as an important regional employer before short-term personal and economic gain. Following his example, we strive for technical perfection. At the same time we comply with the applicable laws and are committed to fair competition.


We think long-term. Of course this is not just in connection with the nature of our products, which have life cycles of up to half a century. Sustainable economic success is our primary goal, taking into account our responsibility to our business partners, employees and society. We therefore think and act cautiously and perform a careful risk-benefit analysis. We want our company to outlive our long-lasting products.


Safety is the highest priority for all forms of passenger transport. For this purpose we invest in maintaining and developing our expertise. Product safety and functional security is the absolute goal and there can be no compromises. Those of our products and services, which are not directly connected with passenger transport, also benefit from this claim.


We want our customers to benefit from cooperation with us. We therefore offer innovative, non-standardised products and services intended to most closely represent individual customer requirements. We endeavour to learn to understand our customers commercially and personally. At the same time we also try to communicate our strategies, thinking and experiences as openly as possible. We want our customers to be happy to work with us.


We employ motivated and performance-oriented individuals with broad social and professional skills and who identify to an extremely high degree with our company. It is not unusual for employees to spend their entire working life with us. It is not just us, but also our business partners who profit, on both a professional and personal level, from the low staff turnover and personnel continuity. We want our employees to be proud of their achievements and their company and to display this to others.

Business partners

Reliability, continuity and proper dealings are the basis for successful relations with our business partners. In the interests of improving the quality and efficiency of our services, we also build on the experience and capacities of specifically selected suppliers and subcontractors. We honour special service by absolute supplier loyalty, from which the valued goal of a strong foundation of trust develops..